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Great article about Sensory Processing Disorder by Carol Stock Kranowitz

Do you have a loved one who flips out when they hear a loud noise like when a toilet flushes or when a motor cycle drives by? Or do you know someone who squirms when a tag is left in their clothes? Or perhaps you know someone who is a finicky eater and only likes various textures of foods? Or Lastly, do you know someone who finds calm when under a heavy blanket or lifting heavy boxes?

Well, these are all things that could be associated with Sensory Processing Disorder. Below is a link to a great article about what Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is. The author of the article is Carol Stock Kranowitz and she has written many great books on this subject. I was fortunate to meet Carol Kranowitz many years ago when we did a webinar together about Sensory Processing Disorder for adoptive parents.

The article gives a brief introduction on what Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is and lists various types of SPD. It is a great introduction to SPD if you are a parent who is concerned about your child’s non typical behaviors or if you are an educator who wants to learn more. Also, this article is helpful to adults if you have noticed some non typical behaviors from your spouse or other loved one.

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