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About Robin

My road to wellness started after adopting my son from overseas.  He came home with numerous medical and emotional issues. It really felt like “hey, you’re not in Kansas anymore”.  

The stress was so bad that I can still remember how bad my saliva tasted. I gained a tremendous amount of weight because snack mixes and diet soda became my anesthesia of choice.  On a scale to 0 to 100, my stress level was 110. I reached out to professionals who often where unaware or not familiar with what was needed to help my new son.


There was tons of doctor’s appointments, copayments, and scheduling issues.  This caused a domino effect causing even more stress with my relationships with loved ones and at work.

After much trial and error with things like trying a gluten free diet, cutting out dairy, and various types of therapies, I found my adoption girlfriends to be best source of help. After all, my adoption girlfriends shared things they tried with their children.

I did tons of research, reached out to professionals they recommended and often took their advice. My son made lots of progress and I am so thankful to the adoption girlfriends who helped me find the best way to help my son.

To continue helping others, I went back to school and became a Certified Health Coach.  Also, I received a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion and became a Certified Health Education Specialist. I have the credentials to help others which is my true passion.

Fun Facts About Me


Dessert Please!

Even though I believe in good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, a girl can still splurge once in a while on her favorite guilty pleasure. I do not believe in deprivation


How much do you weigh?

A girl isn’t going to tell you that, but I have lost almost 100 lbs.

Meat Loaf?


Not the food girlfriends, the singer. I just can’t get the songs about “two out of three ain’t bad” and the “dashboard lights” out of my head.



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