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It’s cold and flu season, have you ever heard of garlic ear drops?

Years ago I was taking a nutrition class where the instructor told us that he was going to share a secret on how he helps his family fight off colds. I knew the instructor had a house full of six young kids so my ears perked up to listen. The instructor mentioned that the key is to keep your ears clear so that your cold doesn’t took root and get worse. The instructor described the scenario where he lined his six kids up in the bathroom and had them each tilt their head and he gave them a few drops of an ear oil in each ear. The ear oil had ingredients as garlic in it that was anti-inflammatory.

The instructor then discussed how to make this ear oil but it was messy to make so I asked him “can’t we just get this stuff and keep it in the medicine cabinet?” The instructor indicated that we sure could. This is a staple that I now keep in my medicine cabinet.

Check it out here…

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