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New Year’s Resolutions - Tips on how to make your dreams a reality

It’s the new year and you probably have made some New Year’s Resolutions. Is your resolution to drop a few pounds? To make a doctor’s appointment to help with a nagging health problem? Or perhaps you want to encourage a spouse or child to take action to improve their health?

Most people have great intentions on keeping their New Year’s Resolution, but life gets in the way and they often don’t complete them. Last year, did you drop those few pounds you wanted to drop? Were you concerned that your cholesterol or blood sugar numbers have climbed? Were you worried that your health may impact your loved ones? or your pocket book? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then check out the below tips on how to make your New Years Resolution a reality.

Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality

  1. Write down your top three New Year’s Resolutions on a paper and put it on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Be sure to put the date at the top of the page.

2. Read your list of New Year Resolutions out loud each morning and evening and determine WHY you want the resolutions to come true.

Perhaps you want to lose weight to save on health care costs or you want to be able to sit down on the floor and play with your child or grandchild. Or perhaps you want to help your loved with a nagging health issue to improve their quality of life. Whatever the reason, write down the WHY.

3. Write down a time sensitive plan of baby steps on how to accomplish your New Year’s Resolution Goal.

For example, if you want to drop some pounds…

-Drink coffee, tea or flavored unsweetened water instead of soda this week

-Eat three servings of vegetables daily with dinner this week

-Take three short 10-minute breaks daily to have some downtime to reduce your stress perception.

They key is to have small attainable goals in a short period of time like a week. Evaluate how you did with complying with your goals and remind yourself of the WHY you want to attain your goals.

4. Lastly, don’t be afraid to seek help!

If you are having a hard time consistently following through with your plans, then reach out to your doctor, coach or therapist for assistance. Just like when you were in high school and had a favorite football coach or music instructor, a coach can help you develop a plan as well as teach you, encourage you and hold you accountable so that you can reach your goals.

For example, if you blood sugar or cholesterol has been high and your doctor has asked you to watch your diet more carefully, do you really know what foods are best for you? Or how to get control of the stress you often feel?

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

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